Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another day in paradise

Here is the beautiful view of the resort gardens and the Mediterranean Sea from our balcony. I'm not going to lie, it just doesn't get old. We've eaten outside for almost every meal (see pic below) and spend time just relaxing, soaking up rays and playing our travel Scrabble card game (and that's my view while I kick Leo's ass with my high lexicon of four-letter words).Today, after a great morning workout (sadly remembered that I am doing the Danskin Tri and Oyster Race in August so thought it best to try some running and swimming... don't worry, it was a small fraction of my day!!,) I was able to spend some time meditating on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea... 'nough said. There is nothing quite like a quiet beach to quiet your mind... ooohhhmmmmm!!

I love being able to cook in our apartment. Even though we're "on holiday" (as the numerous Brits around us say), we were getting exhausted with eating out so much. We attended a paella and sangria demonstration this afternoon and I have every intention of trying to create this when I return home (let's be honest sangria will be made as soon as we buy some more fruit!). To the left, I created a "Langostino al Estepona" and to the right you'll see this morning,s breakfast of pan y mantiquilla (surprise surprise), queso, cerezas (surprise surprise), and mimosas con cava... like I said, it just doesn't get old.

Tomorrow, we actually have quite a busy day. We had origninally planned to head to Tarifa to take the morning ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to spend the day in Tangier, Morocco. We thought "we're coming all this way, let's do it"... but plans have changed (and let's be honest, we WILL be back!). Instead, we are going on a 7-hour cooking excurion (originally with two other resort couples, now it's just the two of us!... how romantical!!...) amidst the Ronda mountains near Gaucin Village (about an hour away) where a chef will prepare 5 different rustic dishes (heck yes accompanied by regional wines). We get to hand pick our ingredients from the nearby farms and orchards and prepare everything with the chef!! We. Can't. Wait. And yes, like mentioned above, I have every intention of returning and cooking at home.
Finally, the obligatory 'toes in the sun' (pool in the background as I didn't have my camera on the beach during my morning meditation... nor the beer) with a little shoutout to my big girl (can't wait to hear your stories from South Africa and to travel together when you get to Spain!!).


  1. Happy to thee you are picking up the accthent. Are the summer smells like what Collin described?

  2. I can't believe you brought the beer coozy with you! Love it!

  3. Ah...your pictures are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.
    To borrow a line from 30 Rock..."I want to go to there".