Monday, June 21, 2010

Slow News Day...

Not too much to report today...unless you'd like me to share a detailed account of our buffet breakfast, or our afternoon spent poolside, or our beachside dinner. Very lazy day spent doing nothing but enjoying the sun & wonderful resort here in Estepona. Only appointment we had today was watching the Espana vs Honduras world cup match this evening (Spain won 2-0)....gotta love being on vacation. I'm told the weather in Seattle is grey and rainy, so i wont torture anyone any further.

Agenda for tomorrow looks very much the same. WAIT, almost forgot...we're going to the grocery store tomorrow. That may very well be too much for one day.

Hasta luego


  1. the weather here SUCKS! i am living vicariously through the two of you!! LOVE the updates!

  2. Today's weather was nice, though. I went to the pool with Penelope and Sylvia. We were in a heated (because it's Seattle) outdoor kiddie pool with about 30 other kids. Is that lo mismo as your vacation? :)

  3. glad you guys are having fun, but you should probably come home soon. We miss you two! Can't wait til you're back so you can torture us with vacay slides. =)