Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 more work days...

... and only 5 more sleeps (6 if you count the red-eye, but we don't) until Erin and Leo go to Spain!! We are SO very excited for our first international trip!

We decided to start a blog and our first postings will be about our upcoming trip to Spain- woo hoo!! We hope to keep in touch via 'pictures, posts, and anecdotes' and pretty much rub it in everyone's face that we are in Spain- woo hoo!! You'll see our buddies (pictured here) in some of our upcoming travel photos when we are bored of photos of ourselves (for those that know Erin well, you know this may be a while).

We head to Spain (via London) on Sunday. We'll spend a couple of days each in Madrid, Segovia, and Seville, before 'camping out' (HA!!) in Estepona on the Costa del Sol. We have several day trips planned for those two weeks but also have many more beach, pool, and all day siestas planned too. After Leo heads home on July 5, Erin will meet Jessica in Barcelona where they will get in trouble... er, behave... for another week and a half together.

The fasten seatbelt sign has been lit for your safety... enjoy the ride with us!
Erin & Leo


  1. i've bookmarked you on my bookmarks bar. can't wait to hear about your travels!!!

  2. I'm wondering when I will be given access by the "Minister of Propaganda" to post on "OUR" blog?

  3. Dear Leo: did you NOT get the memo? "Our" is code for "when I say so"...now you know. And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe.
    Where was I?
    Oh, yeah...have a GREAT time. :) Can't wait to see your roaming friends, give them some face time Human Erin, spotlight hog. lol
    I have some suggestions of places to do it...I mean "go"...on your trip. But none of them are clean or nice, so...you're on your own. I think you'll figure it out!

  4. Can't to take you to the airport! not because i want to get rid of you guys. No. not at all. it's because i'm excited for your trip!