Friday, June 18, 2010

To be 19 again...

... quick update (even though I just posted the previous one that I wrote earlier)... as I type, I am sitting in an Irish bar watching the US vs. Slovenia game (I MUST love that man-o-mine). I feel like I should be [cough cough] years younger and in the 19-21 age bracket as that is who I am surrounded by. Can't even get a GD Spanish beer (I came all this way to drink Heinekin??) and I just ordered and ate and ordered fries (no- NOT patatas fritas!!!) and chicken strips. Overheard (and I'm trying not to throw up in my mouth):
*"How often do the goalies score?"
*"EEWWWEE Guinness is, like, the worst beer in the world. It's like sooooo gross!"
*"[SHRIEK/SCREAM/SQUEAL]" when US was no where close to the ball.
*"God Bless Ah merh ah kaaaaaa" when US did score it's second goal.

Am I in Seville or Cancun??... I feel like I should be wearing beads as currency.


  1. You should be blogging every hour. Very entertaining guys. And making me Spainsick to get back again, even if I do put gasoline in a diesel.

  2. Oh, and I have a directive from the Boss to make sure that you know about going to Benahavis, and have lunch or dinner at Los Abanicos. About 7 km from the Esteponea place. Never had a less than spectacular meal there, but be careful the portions are Manly. Ask the staff at Playa Andaluza. See you, headed to Anchorage in the pm.