Sunday, June 20, 2010

We just spent another couple of FABULOUS days in Seville… do wish we could visit here in the springtime as we are told that the scent of fresh spring naranjas should be a scent everyone experiences (a tip to you- mom, dad, & Beckerleys!)

You’ll recall from the previous post that our first event in Seville, though a tad annoying, was memorable and we did notice that this was the most touristy and “American-ny” of our Iberian Experience thus far (overheard as we paseo’d last night): “Are you from Seville? No?? You’re from Mexico?!?![shriek] We’re from America!!!!”… sigh… Congratulations sweetheart, you found someone from the same continent.

We did have a most enjoyable and memorable trip though as we started our Saturday with a 2-hour tour by Concepion Delgado whom you will recognize from Rick Steves’ Seville section of his Spain book and dvd. “Conthepthion” is a quirky and fun lil’ Sevilliana who tours small groups (we refused to do a larger cattle-call type of group or be with anyone younger than 25... when did we get so old??). There were about 5 other couples, including another young couple from Seattle, in our group. Following this walking tour of Barrio Santa Cruz ([where we were staying at the YH Giralda- once an 18th century abbots’ house] and doing the majority of our dining at Casa Tomate [because Leo quickly became BFFs with the bartenders]) and a quick tapas break, we joined her for another tour, this time specifically of the Alcazar. You are probably thinking, “didn’t you just do an Al-cathar tour?”… well yes… but this is a 10th century palace (rebuilt in the 14th century) that still functions as a royal palace and is the oldest in Europe- GORGEOUS- (let’s just hope I got those facts right!). The architecture, tiles, and art galore was amazing (that, and a little weird… there are many designs [15th century? Can’t recall exactly] that are hard to explain, such as the men whose bodies curl into some sort of tailed fruit bowl). This is also an extremely popular sight for wedding photos and we saw bride & groom after bride & groom posing for the shots of their wedding day (this began at around noon and we saw the last couple leave the Cathedral after midnight). After a quick tapas and café break, we toured the gardens and headed over to tour Seville’s Cathedral (yes, another Cathedral tour… but again, this is the largest Gothic church in the world!... I think. To see the alter alone was worth the entry fee) and walk up the Giralda tower- 330 feet up, about 36 flights of ramps (woo hoo, no stairs!) to see the best views of Seville. All of that walking warranted a much needed siesta.

Following our siesta, Leo had the great idea of renting bicycles and riding down to the Guadalquivir River (near the bullring and across from Triana neighborhood) to catch an Sevillian sunset behind the Bridge of Triana/ Isabell II Bridge. A memorable and amazing ending to our short stay in Seville!... a place to which we will one day return to capture the scent of orange trees in the springtime.

We've now arrived at our 'home away from home' for the next couple of weeks: Playa Andaluza in Costa Del Sol (THANKS mom & dad!!)... warning: radio silence approaching soon...


  1. I have SOOOO many things to post to you right now that I don't even know where to start!

    bullring? GASP! LOVE!
    Sunset in Seville??? SWOON! (and THANK YOU for taking a pic of it behind your bikes!!!)
    Gothic Cathedral?? SQUEEEEE!
    Brides, photography, and all that deliciousness??? SOOOOO GREAT!

    okay...will wait with baited breath for your radio silence to end. :)


    oh and one for Leo: xo


  2. so glad you guys are having so much fun, sounds amazing. hope the books are waiting for you at your hotel!