Thursday, June 24, 2010

A day spent with an Angel

Today was an AMAZING day... we went on an adventure that will go down as one the most memorable culinary and spiritual experiences.  In the Ronda Mountains there are many quiet White Hills towns.  Today we found ourselves (via guide and as it turns out, with two other lovely couples) in the town of Gaucin as well as 'the other side' of Gaucin near the train station.  Here we were introduced to Angeles, the chef and owner of Caserio Ananda.  She is a self-taught chef from a family of 10 children following generations and generations of 'family chefs'.  Her idea is that food should be simple, you should know where your ingredients come from (and what they are), and that your food is made with love... and it was (and lots and lots of garlic and olive oil!).  The fact that she welcomed us into her kitchen and invited us to be a part of the preparation and presentation of the meals was touching (and I won't lie, at times this afternoon, I did get a bit choked up).  We don't have sheets of recipes to take home, but we have better than that- we have memories of this hands-on experience that we plan to share with those we love!  Amy- recipes to add to our summer bucket list.  Bruces and Beckerleys- a MUST DO when you come in the spring!! 

Fresh veggies- YUM!!

Angeles believes in the open flame and prepares most (if not all) meals this way (i.e. roasting vegetables rather than sauteeing them... at least doing the sautee after they have been roasted).  You
can imagine how wonderful it smells in the restaurant.

Let's eat!

Outside of Caserio Ananda

Following a memorable meal- pictured here with Chef Angeles

... oh and Dana, wait until you see the door I have for you... 17th century original.  That just happened.


  1. hmmm. i will now put down my Taco Del Mar taco... i can't wait to hear all about your adventures in more detail...

  2. Can't wait to taste your new meals!

  3. I just saw my name!!!!
    can't wait!

    Oh, also?
    WONDERFUL heartfelt post!

  4. What an awesome experience! This kinda stuff beats anything in a tourist book.