Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wedding Planning

As you've read in a previous blog (or surely heard by now), Leo and I are in the process of planning our wedding.  Before even getting engaged, we had both talked about the idea of having a destination wedding (the idea of standing in the sand as we say our vows is very appealing) so having had a 'destination engagement' we only thought it was appropriate!  We went back and forth on several locations in Mexico and Hawaii and eventually decided on the Los Cabos, Mexico area.  Prior to making our decision, neither of us had been but friends has nothing but great things to say about the area.  Luckily we both had enough airline miles so we decided to take a quick trip at the beginning of this month to do some reconnaissance work (I know, twist my rubber arm!).

We had appointments set up with three resorts: Hilton, Westin, and Dreams.  All three websites boasted beautiful pictures of their resort and of on-site weddings.  All three had attentive wedding planners who, prior to arriving, sent us details and ideas for our wedding day.  How would we choose?

We decided to stay at the Hilton and truthfully, we had already "decided" that this would be the place for our wedding... the wedding planner sent us amazing details and we were in awe when we arrived at the resort.  And then we had our appointment with the Westin... WOW!!  Talk about wining and dining!  We were scheduled for a brunch appointment and upon arrival, we were treated to fresh pear juice that had adorable "E & L Wedding" flags in the fruit garnish.  We sit down to breakfast and are served a fruit plate that has "E & L" written in chocolate on the plate.  We visit 3 different guest rooms and in each room is a note saying "Welcome Erin & Leo...".  And then.  And then we go out to the balcony to look at the amazing view of the ocean and what do we see??  "E & L" is drawn in the sand!!  Oh, it's the little things that make you feel special.  Things that don't make you feel special?  When you show up to Dreams for your appointment and the wedding coordinator is not there.  I wish I knew how to repeat it in Spanish, but as Leo told the managment (who was scrambling to find someone else to show us the resort since our gal was a no show), "I'm not going to trust one of the most important days of our lives to someone who isn't organized enough to show up!"  In our hearts, I knew our decision was made before we even left Los Cabos- we were getting married at The Westin!!!  Since returning home, Leo has been busy corresponding with our wedding coordinator and our date is set for October 7, 2011.

This past week has been busy with engagement photos and considering designs for our wedding website, engagement annoucements, save the dates, and invitations.  Our dear DEAR friend Amy is a photographer at Artis Studios in Snohomish (right next door to Maltby Cafe... yuummmm cinnamon rolls...) and she and Rachele took some amazing pictures for us.  The one above was inspired by a photograph I saw in a wedding magazine but this had Amy's creative spin on it.  The one to the right is one of our favorites.

Today we went to a Crate and Barrel wedding registery event (our first attempt at registering) and were treated to delicious treats, mimosas... and heart shaped champagne flutes.  GASP!  I love free stuff.  No I LOVE free stuff... but REALLY?  HEARTshaped champagne flutes??  Coming soon to a white elephant gift party near you...


  1. YESSSS, the post I've been waiting for! Woot-woot! Sounds like it's going to be grand, I look forward to many pics and stories along the way...

  2. You're my muse Christy. You're my muse :)