Friday, July 16, 2010

¡Lo dije sí!

There once was a boy from L.A.,
This Leo, he loved Erin K.
He asked her to wed,
It was "YES!" that she said,
Making the trip to Seville a memorable day!!

Can't resist a great limerick!!... Just wanted to share the news that Leo proposed on June 19 while we were in Seville, Spain (see the blog re: our Seville outing and insert "Leo proposed" by the end of the blog :) and we were fortunate enough to have an "engagement honeymoon" for the remainder of our trip.  We are so very happy and excited and we appreciate all of the support and words of encouragement from all of our family and friends!  We look forward to sharing the details of our wedding planning adventures as they occur.

Erin & Leo


  1. ok, i'll admit it. i was enlarging every picture you posted to see if you were wearing a ring! yay!!!

  2. Erin (and Leo): I'm SO very happy for you! Congratulations! Anita