Thursday, July 1, 2010


A quick check-in after being on the road since Sunday... we'll post some more detailed descriptions and photos later (or share our stories upon return) but have had another amazing couple of days.

After a quick morning trip to visit "GIB" (Gibralter) and going to the top of "The Rock", on Sunday, we drove further east on the Costa del Sol to the small costal town of Nerja.  Such a beautiful town, known for it's touristy "Balcon de Europe", caves, and toes-in-the-sand paella meals.  We also found the best cherry ice cream I've ever had in my life.  In. My. Life.

After one night there (and as our wonderful hosts at the Hostal Miguel told us, "you'll wish you stayed longer"- and we do!!) we headed North to Granada.  This is the season for the International Arts Festival so several months ago, we purchased tickets to watch the Boston Ballet perform in the Generalife outdoor theatre (ballet under the stars- are you kidding me?!?!) at the Alhambra.  The next day we toured the Alhambra (the pictures you'll eventually see won't even come close to doing it justice) and the Royal Chapel, ending our evening in a local bar cheering on Spain's win over Portugal (keeping fingers crossed for Spain to be in championship game since Jess and I will be in Madrid at the time of that game).

Yesterday, we left Granada for a road trip to Ronda, a beautiful white hills town known for being the birth place of modern bull-fighting (their bull fights don't begin until September but we toured the ring and museum) and for this amazing bridge that spans a gorge that separates the old and new parts of town.  While Leo cooled off in the shade with beer and olives, I decided to do the hike down (not nearly as hard as the hike up!) to get better pictures of the bridge and the gorge- definitely the high of my day yesterday!  Exhausted from the heat and sightseeing, we drove the winding road back to the coast, happy to be back in our "home away from home".

Today's agenda: poolside.  All. Day. Long.


  1. Your trip is sounding as amazing as you had hoped it would be.. so happy for you and Leo..